Helmuth Newin

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

with EUROASSEKURANZ since its establishment in 1990

“Different doesn’t always mean better, but better always means different.”

Karl-Heinz Holz

with EUROASSEKURANZ since 2015

“Our goal: achieving high, long-term customer satisfaction.”

Joachim Prämaßing

Member of the Management Board
seit 2016 bei der EUROASSEKURANZ

“To continue the success story of EUROASSEKURANZ, this is the goal.”

Michael Spörlein

Head of Account Management and Sales
with EUROASSEKURANZ since 2018

“Independence and speed of action of an owner-managed medium-sized company combined with the power of an internationally active group – that is EUROASSEKURANZ.”

Michael Metz

Munich branch manager
with EUROASSEKURANZ since 2003

“Optimism is the first step to success.”