Play things safe with your company
With the EURO-Risk Check, you gain a detailed picture of the critical and insurable risks to your company as well as the quality of your current coverage.

Confidentiality guaranteed
The EURO-Risk Check is a useful decision-making aid, and highlights areas of action for your insurance management. No marketing pitch. Confidentiality guaranteed.

How the EURO-Risk Check works:

  • Brief interview regarding the risk and insurance management
  • Review, systematic assessment and objective evaluation of selected insurance agreements or your complete insurance programme according to predetermined criteria
  • Identification of risks that pose a threat to your company and classification of the risks according to weighting
  • Creation of clear action recommendations for you
  • Clear documentation for your files

The EURO-Risk Check can be extended on an individual basis, for example, with:

  • (Balance sheet) evaluation of capacity to bear risk
  • Environmental check (local environmental analysis)
  • Monitoring of natural risks
  • Business interruption analysis
  • Fire safety advice

If you have any questions about the EURO-Risk Check and would like to arrange an appointment, please contact our experts by telephone on +49 941 9102-0 at our head office or with this online contact form.