In many instances in the field of value-supporting processes (these also cover claims management) procedures and the data gained from them are neither standardized nor documented. The results are data that display different degrees of up-to-dateness and quality and are thus not analysable. We optimize the process of claims management through the use of IT-supported, web-based management systems. Digitization makes us able to model all details of our customers’ portfolios and thus to create a basis for more efficient processes. The system encompasses both operational and strategic components, thus allowing for more efficient workflows. Below are some examples:

  • Decentralised reporting, subsequent reporting, and tracking of loss events
  • Fast reporting of the correct and necessary information to the risk bearer
  • Centrally coordinated data collection of risk situation, building values, tenants, operators
  • Separate and automatic handling of certain events (e.g. automatically notifying management of environmental damage and personal injuries)
  • Targeted use of exact claims data for strategic contract management