Local expertise coupled with internationally-experienced insurance management is one of the biggest plus points that allows us to make things easier for your business and provide you with support.

Today, business is global: whether it is buying or selling goods, whether you have subsidiaries abroad, joint ventures or production facilities, whether you send managers abroad or employ foreign staff, or whether your sales office or production is located outside Germany, or maybe even outside the EU.

In this area, we, the EUROASSEKURANZ team, combine our expertise. As part of the Howden Broking Group, we don’t just ensure that you have international presence with specialists who are familiar with the prevailing local conditions. We also provide you with assurance in an ocean of global uncertainties.

Which risks should we consider for your company from the international perspective?

The global risk landscape is changing at breath-taking speed. In this area, among others, geopolitical developments and the trend towards digital business models are the driving forces. Both of these are leading to increased uncertainties in the risk assessment for your particular area of business.

Did you know that cyber risks are already considered the biggest threat of all the risks faced by companies today? In addition to covering cyber risks, you should also bear the following things in mind for your company:

Insurance coverage for

  • Operational, product and environmental liability
  • Material assets
  • Loss of income
  • Manager liability
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Goods transport
  • Goods recalls
  • Bad debts
  • Construction projects
  • Staff

How does the EUROASSEKURANZ team support you in the case of risks or a loss event abroad?

If you manage sophisticated multinational insurance programmes, with a loss event, you will require local experts who are also familiar with the local laws, compulsory insurance requirements and practices.

As part of the Howden One Network, we can offer you access to the resolution of insurance problems and loss events – with colleagues who have professional expertise in every conceivable field of insurance. This means they know about your country-specific risks and can offer you an insurance programme which is consistently up-to-date at the international level. This continuous professional discourse allows us to develop comprehensive insurance solutions for your company. In this respect, planning for the future comes first.

Whether it is nearby or far afield, your EUROASSEKURANZ insurance experts protect you: Worldwide. Local. Industry wide.