The 1st Advent of this year is over. In many households, the first candle on the Advent wreath has been lit. But they do not only burn here: Especially at Christmas time, when it gets colder and darker, we feel the candlelight as particularly cosy and warm. In order to have something of the cosy atmosphere not only in private, candles often find their way into the workplace.

What is often underestimated here: Every candle is a fireplace; even if it is only a small one. Nevertheless, they are a fire hazard. Did you know that directly above the flame there is a temperature of up to 750 degrees? And that even 10 cm above that there are still 350 degrees? Enough heat to ignite a dry twig or similar.

In a video by the IFS – Institute for Loss Prevention and Loss Research – you can follow the furious speed at which a Christmas tree bursts into flames. The images are terrifying. Watch the video here.

If you still don’t want to miss out on the Christmas atmosphere created by candlelight in your company, you should definitely pay attention to this:

  • If possible, use electric candles in accordance with VDE regulations.
  • Never leave burning candles alone and extinguish them when leaving the room.
  • Refrain from using highly flammable decorations and do not place candles near easily combustible objects. Also make sure that you use fireproof bases, especially for Advent wreaths.
  • To prevent wreaths and Christmas trees from drying out too much, spray them regularly with water.
  • Do not let candles burn down completely and use self-extinguishing candles if possible. Use candle holders with a wax collection tray.

Of course, these are only a few points that you should consider when it comes to fire protection in your company.

Video: (c) IFS


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