We protect

your company.


We, EUROASSEKURANZ, are industrial insurance brokers. We work with all the major insurance companies. We consistently monitor the terms and conditions of the insurers, and in doing so, offer you an optimum selection and the consistent adaptation of the insurance coverage for your company. In this way, we make things easier for you and protect your company.

On a daily basis, this means that as a business owner or industrial customer, you assess and discuss your risk profile with the EUROASSEKURANZ team and ascertain your optimum insurance coverage at the given moment. This means you are positioned favourably in terms of your risk management.

The EUROASSEKURANZ team manages your individually-designed coverage package for you from this point in time onwards. On the one hand, all the terms and conditions of the insurer are tracked, so your coverage always remains complete. On the other, you can always get in touch in the event of short- or long-term changes to your company, for example, in the event of production orders, deliveries and investments. The EUROASSEKURANZ team can then adapt the coverage of your company in precise accordance with these changing conditions. We offer you all our services worldwide and for each location of your company. You therefore respond with the maximum responsibility in terms of both your risk management and your personal coverage.

If you experience a loss event, the EUROASSEKURANZ team will accompany you throughout the entire loss adjustment process. From the initial notification of the loss event through to the completion of the payment by the insurer, in the area of loss management, we are by your side.

With this concept, which is based on long-term customer support, we the EUROASSEKURANZ team, have become one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany.

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