As the concentration in the international broker market accelerates, the choice for industrial customers with regard to individual worldwide insurance support from a single source is significantly reduced. We at EUROASSEKURANZ, together with our UK parent company Howden, are committed to promoting diversity and, as a counterpart, we offer an even stronger global network with European values and roots. “The market demands a European alternative,” Howden CEO José Manuel González recently stated in a recent interview with Insurance Monitor.

Since four years EUROASSEKURANZ has been part of the globally active Howden Broking Group. Our advantage is that we have the essential local expertise and access to the Howden One network of over 15,000 specialists in more than 90 countries. Our network operates to uniform standards. This enables EUROASSEKURANZ to provide you with tailored solutions worldwide and industry-wide.

Howden’s brand strategy will lead us to a more unified presence. This will also make the size and strength of the group even more visible to our customers.

Howden Broking Group aims to continue to partner with like-minded and value-driven independent brokers, and maintaining the identity of each partner is one of the cornerstones of the group. This is how we add value for our clients: local expertise, international reach.

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