CEO of Howden Group Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez

19. November 2020 EUROASSEKURANZ parent company Howden strengthens international network

José Manuel González, head of our parent company Howden, was recently interviewed by “Versicherungsmonitor”. González reported on the renewal of the Howden brand strategy and planned new partnerships with independent brokers.

Ein Büro, in demiten mehrere Personen an Computern arbeiten

19. November 2020 Problem Silent Cyber: Insurance customers threatened with exclusion

Silent Cyber is currently a highly explosive topic in the global insurance market. Under this buzzword, both insurance companies and insured persons are dealing with the question of whether property damage and personal injury caused by a cyber attack are covered by conventional insurance policies, even without specific cyber insurance. The topic has gained extreme momentum due to the rapidly increasing number of cyber incidents.


4. November 2020 Deadline 30.11.20: Cheaper car insurance because of Corona?

The effects of the Corona crisis are affecting the insurance market and thus the insured to varying degrees. The decline in the number of claims is offset by a significant increase in workshop and spare parts prices.
Check now whether a change of insurance for the motor vehicles in your company is worthwhile (German text).

Logo Toro de Oro Awards

22. October 2020 Toro de Oro Awards 2020: Congratulations!

Since 2015 the Hyperion Insurance Group and Howden Broking Group have been presenting the Toro de Oro Awards. With these awards the international group of companies wants to reward those employees who go beyond their roles and boundaries. The background to this is the strengthening of the corporate culture and global cooperation to maintain and […]

Imagefoto 6 Fragen zum Thema Credit-Management

13. October 2020 How to protect yourself against insolvency of your debtors

At the beginning of September 2020, it was announced that for Germany the suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency would remain suspended in parts beyond 30 September. Many entrepreneurs were relieved, either because of their own bottlenecks or because of the prevailing uncertainty regarding their own debtor portfolio. Read the full article in German here.

Eine junge Frau, die erschöpft auf einem Sofa liegt

17. September 2020 Can companies do something for the health of their most valuable asset, their employees?

The current COVID19 pandemic is just one of the reasons why companies are increasingly concerned about the health of their employees, but also about their staff scheduling. The psychological strain on employees has also been increasing for years, especially in these uncertain times. How can employers deal with increasing absenteeism? We asked insurance expert Trang Rocher for the best current recommendations. Find out here what options companies have (German text).


Suddenly Corona. Suddenly home office. There was no well thought-out plan, no adequate preparation and no choice. Neither for companies nor for the employees.

After the first few months in the home office we all gathered experience – and the companies we looked after asked us lots of questions. From an insurance point of view, the subject of home offices touches on various areas.

Our expert Oliver Pätzke explains here what companies have to consider when using electronic office devices at home (German article).

28. August 2020 Trust is good, insurance even better

It can be an e-mail with a sender from the company management, in which the accounting department is instructed to transfer a large amount of money to a foreign account for supposedly justified reasons. Those affected also report of very well forged letter post in which appropriate instructions are given. In any case, the fraudulent senders have carried out detailed internal company research in advance, which is why the contents of the instructions appear so genuine. This procedure is called “social engineering” in the field of cybercrime. 

For years, the Federal Criminal Police Office has been counting increasing numbers of cases not only in cybercrime, but also in the area of so-called “CEO fraud”. A few years ago, the Bavarian automotive supplier Leoni AG, for example, made the headlines with a scam worth no less than 40 million Euros. Often, the damaged companies refrain from reporting about it for image reasons.

How can companies protect themselves from financial consequences of Fake President and cyberattacks? Read more about this here (German language). 

17. August 2020 Credit insurance: How bad will the Corona crash be?

Experts expect the global corona pandemic to lead to an accumulation of insolvencies. In Germany, the obligation to file for insolvency has been suspended until September 30, 2020. Credit insurers and major industry associations therefore expect a large number of insolvencies to roll onto the domestic economy in fall.

What impact will this development have on companies looking for credit insurance or pending contract renewals?

Read the recommendations of our experts here (German article).


Internet and data crime are often invisible for a long time and that is precisely why they are such a threat to companies. Did you know that it can take months before a cyber attack is even detected? The damage caused until then can be correspondingly large.

The most frequent attacks increasingly involve blackmail software that is smuggled into the company, by direct hacking or by identity fraud. The consequences of every cyber attack are business interruptions and system failures. 

Read here in German, how cyber insurance can protect your business.